Maine’s Ignition Interlock Device Laws

Maine-FlagIn the State of Maine, installation of an ignition interlock device (IID) is voluntary for second and third time offenders convicted of operating under the influence (OUI). People who qualify to use an IID must get permission from the Secretary of State by filing a petition and getting written permission prior to having the device installed. Once approval has been granted, the individual must have an IID installed by a state-approved service provider.

When convicted of an OUI in Maine, the offender’s driving privileges will be suspended for a specific period of time. Reinstatement of those privileges must be granted by the Secretary of State and only if all conditions, including IID installation, are met. After the second offense, reinstatement can occur after nine (9) months if an IID is installed and maintained for two (2) years. After the third offense, the suspension must be served for three (3) years and the IID installed and maintained for three (3) years, as well. With four or more convictions, the entire suspension must be served and the IID is mandatory for four (4) years.