New Mexico’s Ignition Interlock Device Laws

New Mexico FlagIn the State of New Mexico, anyone convicted of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) will be court-ordered to install an ignition interlock device (IID) on all vehicles operated by the offender. To drive a vehicle equipped with an IID, the driver must obtain a special ignition interlock license. IIDs can only be obtained from state authorized service providers and the offender is responsible for all costs associated with the IID, including installation, maintenance and removal.

Rolling re-tests are standard with every IID, meaning the driver will need to provide breath samples while the vehicle is running. If the driver fails the re-test, the vehicle’s horn and lights will be activated until a passing breath sample is submitted. In some instances of a failed re-test, the IID will trigger a permanent lockout and the driver will not be able to start the vehicle. In those cases, the offender must pay to tow the vehicle to an authorized service provider.

To qualify for an ignition interlock license in New Mexico, the DUI offender must:

  • Present the current service provider IID contract (must include the vehicle’s VIN and the IID provider’s signature)
  • Provide evidence of insurance of vehicle with IID installed

Pay the $113 ignition interlock license fee