Ohio’s Ignition Interlock Device Laws

Ohio-FlagIn the State of Ohio, operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, drug of abuse, both alcohol and drug of abuse, with a prohibited concentration of alcohol, a specified controlled substance, or a metabolite of a specified controlled substance in blood, breath, or urine falls under the category of OVI. Anyone convicted of OVI may be court-ordered to install an ignition interlock device (IID) in all vehicles owned and operated by the offender. IIDs must be obtained from state-approved service providers and all costs associated with them are the responsibility of the offender. Rolling re-tests are standard for IIDs in Ohio and regular service appointments must be kept so that data stored in the IID can be retrieved.

Tampering with or attempting to circumvent an IID is taken seriously in OH. Both are considered violations of the court order and may result in additional legal action against the offender, including an order to wear an alcohol monitor. All alcohol-related convictions result in an IID order and individuals convicted of OVI cannot operate commercial vehicles. Use of an IID requires a special restricted license, which may be obtained after the license suspension period.

Suspension periods vary depending upon OVI-related history and include:

  • Six (6) months to three (3) years if no prior convictions within six (6) years
  • One (1) – five (5) years if one (1) prior conviction within six (6) years
  • Two (2) – ten (10) years if two (2) prior convictions within six (6) years
  • Three (3) years  to life if three (3) or four (4) prior convictions within six (6) years
  • Three (3) years to life if five (5) or more priors within twenty (20) years