Ignition Interlock Laws in the State of Oregon

In the State of Oregon an ignition interlock device is now mandatory for all DUI convictions. Those who are convicted of DUII in Oregon must install an IID in their vehicle in order to receive a hardship permit while their regular driver license is suspended for DUII or before their regular driver license can be reinstated after a DUII suspension. A hardship permit allows a person to drive to and from work, drive on the job, seek employment, participate in an alcohol or drug rehabilitation program or get medical treatment required on a regular basis. Driving for any other reason is not allowed with a hardship permit. Hardship permits do not allow for driving of commercial vehicles. Commercial drivers convicted of DUII may be eligible for hardship permits but would need to downgrade to a Class C driver license. Persons who are between the ages of 13 and 20 years old and have their driver licenses suspended for an underage alcohol offense are not eligible for a hardship permit, but may be eligible for an emergency driver permit.

Oregon FlagThe IID requirement begins on the last day of the DUII suspension. For first time offenders, the device must be installed for one year. Second and subsequent convictions require the device to be installed for two years.  The IID must be installed when required and cannot be removed from the vehicle until approved by the court. If the device is not installed or is removed without court approval, the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend driving privileges. IIDs must be purchased from a manufacturer approved by the state of Oregon. The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles cannot waive the IID reinstatement requirements for temporarily out-of-state residents. Oregon residents convicted of DUII that are outside the state and need to have IIDs installed to reinstate their Oregon driving privileges should contact the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles to find an IID provider.

Persons who are convicted of DUII are responsible for all fees and costs associated with the ignition interlock device including the installation, lease, monthly monitoring and removal of the device. Financial assistance may be available for those who cannot afford to pay the costs associated with the IID. In order to qualify for assistance, a person must meet the standard for indigence, which includes having a current food stamp identification card issued by the Oregon Department of Human Services. For anyone who does not have a food stamp identification card, the local Oregon Department of Human Services office can help with determining eligibility.

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