Pennsylvania’s Ignition Interlock Device Laws

Pennsylvania-FlagIn the State of Pennsylvania, installation of an ignition interlock device (IID) may be ordered for driving under the influence (DUI) convictions. The device is court-ordered for repeat offenders and must be used for one (1) year. The use of an IID is part of the rehabilitative system Pennsylvania has in effect and is combined with mandatory alcohol and drug treatment. As in other states, the offender is responsible for all costs associated with using the IID, including installation, removal, and maintenance.

Use of an IID in Pennsylvania requires a restricted license. The license may be applied for after reaching a certain point in the license suspension process. How soon an offender may apply for a restricted license, thereby enabling the individual to drive using an IID, varies by offense. The State takes into consideration number of offenses, blood alcohol concentration (BAC), age, and other factors when deciding upon DUI penalties.

Most general impairment DUI convictions follow this penalty pattern:

  • 1st offense: probation, fine, highway safety school, alcohol and drug treatment
  • 2nd offense: jail, fine, license suspension, highway safety school, treatment program, IID
  • 3rd offense: upgraded charge, jail, fine, license suspension, treatment program, IID