Tennessee Becomes 18th State to Require Ignition Interlocks

tennessee 18th state


On July 1, 2013, the state of Tennessee will join the ranks in fighting against drunk driving on our roads. This legislation is expected to help protect over 112 million people from those who choose to drink and drive, even after being convicted of a DUI. All convicted, and even first-time DUI offenders with a BAC of .08 and above will be required to install an ignition interlock device. Additionally, these mandatory devices will also have to include a video camera to keep offenders from circumventing the breath test.

Ignition interlock devices reduce the rates of repeat DUI offenses dramatically. As each state implements ignition interlock device legislation, the risk of alcohol-related injuries, accidents and deaths can be virtually eliminated.

Tennessee Ready for New Ignition Interlock Law

This summer, residents in Tennessee will sleep a little more soundly as a new ignition interlock law goes into effect. According to The Chattanoogan, July 1, 2013 will be the first day that any drunk driver convicted with a .08 BAC level will be required to install an ignition interlock device in vehicles driven for six months. This law also requires the ignition interlock devices with photo capability to be used, helping to eliminate any offender from circumventing the system.  Tennessee is the 18th state in the U.S. to require ignition interlock device installations for drunk driving offenders. Read more here: After July 1, Ignition Interlocks To Be Required After Tennessee DUI Convictions

Former 49ers Player Advocates Against Drinking and Driving

With all of the recent sports figures that have been arrested on drinking and driving charges, it is a relief to see that not all professional players turn a blind eye at driving drunk.  The Tennessean reports that Delanie Walker, a former 49er, has sent a letter to Tennessee lawmakers that urges the support of an Ignition Interlock bill. This bill would require the devices for all drunk driving convictions from which the driver tests above the national legal limit of .08% BAC. Read more here: Delanie Walker supports tougher DUI laws


Tennessee Ignition Interlock Laws Get Second Look

Concerns over convicted DUI offenders continuing to drive, even on a restricted license, have prompted Tennessee legislators to consider changing DUI laws within the state. The Tenessean reports that current laws within Tennessee make it easy for those convicted of drinking and driving to continue to drive, putting lives at risk across the state. With new legislation aimed at the mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device for all drivers who receive a restricted license, the ability to drive while intoxicated is significantly lowered. With a reported 30% decrease in DUI-related deaths within states that already require the mandatory ignition interlock device installation, Tennessee legislators are hopeful this step could make an impact in that state, as well. Read more here:  DUI bill would require drivers to install breathalyzers


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