Washington Addresses DUI Problems

WashingtonIn Washington State, many are calling for better solutions to the pervasive problem of drunk driving. As such, a focus group was created in order to discuss the various options available in order to properly address the current laws and any future efforts with the legal system and law enforcement. According to The Seattle Times, this group of people ranked the benefits of various solutions, from ignition interlock laws to increasing the chances of felony charges for multiple DUIs and more. In the report from The 2013 Washington Impaired Driving Work Group, recommendations for changes to the law and law enforcement are detailed. Read more here: Anti-DUI work group: Yes to random checkpoints, no to alcohol bans

18 Years for Repeat DUI Offender?

In a very visible case of drinking and driving, a man in Seattle recently pled guilty in an incident that killed two grandparents and injured a mother and her newborn son as they were crossing the street. ABC News reports that the man had already been convicted of drinking and driving five times, and had been ordered to install an ignition interlock device on his car. Unfortunately, the man was still driving, and drinking, resulting in a tragedy for the family who is now suing the state of Washington for failing to keep the man from driving drunk. Read more here: Guilty Plea in Deadly Seattle Accident

Seattle Facing DUI Lawsuit

Repeat DUI offenders are some of the most dangerous drivers on the road. Statistics show that repeat DUI offenders account for around one-third of arrests and convictions across the country. Q13fox.com reports that a recent DUI tragedy involving an elderly couple and two children has spurred a lawsuit by the parents of the children in Seattle. This $45 million dollar lawsuit is in response to the deaths and critical injuries of those involved in the accident, one that the parents feel could have been avoided by keeping a five-time DUI offender off the roads. Read more here: City facing $45 million lawsuit in fatal DUI crash



Washington State DUI Law is Official

While the current national BAC level required for a DUI/DWI conviction stands at .08% across the country, each state may still decide the various penalties for drinking and driving. Perhaps one of the toughest states on drunk drivers is Washington state, according to kirotv.com. This state, well known for its laws that perhaps lead the U.S. in the fight against driving under the influence of alcohol, recently tightened the restrictions on convicted offenders who must now wear monitoring devices to ensure they stay sober, as well as install ignition interlock devices in their vehicles. Read more here: Gov. Inslee signs tougher new drunken driving bill into law

Washington State Restricts Repeat DUI Offenders

The streets in Washington State are expected to be much safer, pending a new DUI bill that will target repeat offenders. Q13fox.com reports that this new bill will require any repeat DUI offender to be arrested and booked on DUI charges, as well as require that an ignition interlock device is installed on the impounded vehicle, even before the accused goes to trial. This bill will also change sentencing limits and require 24/7 electronic monitoring of offenders, plus more. Read more here: Legislature passes DUI bill requiring arrest, ignition device on 2nd suspected offense

Washington Pushes Forward with Video Interlocks

Serious about the tragedies that drinking and driving may bring, Washington State’s new interlock legislation requirements will be in effect on January 1, 2014. Renton Patch reports that with the new video camera requirement for all ignition interlocks in the state, lawmakers are hopeful that any attempts to circumvent the devices will be eliminated. The new technology will photograph the person blowing into the device, rather than relying on the honor system that has been in place with existing, non-video ignition interlock devices. Read more here: Washington State Alcohol Ignition Interlocks To Include Cameras In New Year

Lawmakers Consider New Ignition Interlock Law in Washington State

Those suspected of drinking and driving may be facing tougher penalties even before entering a plea in court. KPLU reports that in light of several recent injuries and  fatalities in Washington State that are attributed to drunk drivers, lawmakers are looking into a new preventative measure to keep the roads safer. Currently, the law states that anyone suspected of drinking and driving will face the vehicle driven being impounded for 12 hours. The latest addition to this “waiting period” could be the installation of an ignition interlock device prior to retrieving the vehicle from an impound lot, well before a suspect goes to court on any drunk driving charges. Read more here: Lawmaker wants more ignition locks for DUI drivers

Washington State Seaches for DUI Reduction Answers

Washington State has been a pioneer in the fight against drunk-driving related accidents for decades, but has recently faced a devastating illustration of how far the state still needs to go to truly keep drunk drivers off the road. The Seattle Times reports that in light of the recent deaths of two grandparents, and critical injury of a mother and newborn caused by a repeat DUI offender, these “tough” laws are still not doing enough to address the problem of recidivism and monitoring those offenders. State lawmakers in Washington continue to search for answers to preventing more of these tragedies. Read more here: Do state’s tough DUI laws go far enough?


Video Ignition Interlock Devices in Washington State

KLEW News reports that in order to maintain the safety and security an ignition interlock device provides the public, Washington State has mandated that all IID devices are equipped with a camera. Prior to this new technology, an ignition interlock device could potentially be bypassed by a driver who uses another person to blow into the device, even during the tests that occur while a car is in operation. The camera will ensure that the driver of the vehicle with a court-ordered ignition interlock installation is the person being tested, ultimately ensuring the safety of the driver, any passengers and others on the road. Read more here:  New Law Brings More Accuracy to Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices.

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