The Florida DUI Roadmap Clears Up Drunk Driving Confusion

Florida DUIFlorida, the state that people flock to in winter and spring to escape the frozen tundra of the North. There is plenty of sun, surf, and sand, and usually, plenty of imbibing of spirits going on as part of the fun. As a guest or resident of The Sunshine State, you should be aware of the Florida DUI laws and what you need to do in the case of receiving a DUI charge.

Spring Breakers need to know that there is a zero tolerance law in Florida. This means if your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) is found to be .02% or higher you will be charged with a Florida DUI if you are under 21. Your best bet is not to drink if you’re under 21, but if you choose to anyway, do not get behind the wheel of a vehicle under any circumstances. For those over 21, Florida DUI law requires you to be charged with a DUI if your BAC is .08%. However, you can also get a DUI with a lower BAC if you are showing signs of impairment while driving. So like the younger set, your best bet is to not drive at all after drinking.

A Florida DUI carries harsh penalties and you’ll find those penalties to be even harsher if your BAC is found to be .15% or above. This is considered an aggravating circumstance and will be taken into account in the penalties phase, most likely increasing those penalties significantly. Also, CDL drivers are charged at .04% as mandated by federal law and will most likely lose not only their license but their job if convicted. A Florida DUI conviction is no joke and can have lifelong repercussions.

If you are charged with a Florida DUI, your first step should be to get an attorney you trust to represent you throughout the process. Having a knowledgeable person beside you to guide you during the often complicated legal process will allow you to know the correct steps to take to help mitigate the penalties such as jail time and ignition interlock device requirements. A DUI is serious, and you will face devastating penalties if your case is not handled correctly.