You Got a Texas DWI for WHAT?

Texas DWIDrunk driving is a problem across the nation. At this moment, there is someone making the unwise decision to get behind the wheel and drive under the influence. If caught in Texas, they will be subjected to penalties of both administrative and judicial varieties. Everything is bigger in Texas, including DWI punishments.

Like all states, the standard blood alcohol concentration (BAC) for a Texas DWI is .08%, but there are other ways to get a DWI. If your BAC is under .08% but you’re exhibiting signs of intoxication or fail a sobriety test, you will still be charged with a Texas DWI. You can also have increased penalties levied against you in certain circumstances when there are aggravating factors present. Aggravating factors can include things like a BAC over .15% or causing a non-fatal injury at the time of your DWI.

Texas has a “zero tolerance” policy when it comes to underage drinking and driving. If your BAC is .02% or more you will be charged with a Texas DWI which can have lasting effects on your life when it comes to career and college choices. Be wise and don’t drink and drive so that you have every opportunity available to you for your future. If you possess a CDL and drive while intoxicated you can lose your career and income if you are caught with a BAC over .04%.

Texas also has no look back period. This is not good news for the repeat offender. Even if you got a DWI 30 years ago, it will count against you if you are being prosecuted for a second offense and will increase your penalties. Penalties such as mandatory ignition interlock device installation are becoming the norm, too.

Bottom line is don’t drink and drive, but if you make a mistake and are caught, you need an attorney on your side to make sure you’re rights are protected and to help find ways to reduce your sentence. The legal system is often confusing and convoluted. Having a professional on your side is the best choice you can make for your future.