Get Back on the Road, Safely With Ignition Interlock Help

Get Back on the Road, Safely With Ignition Interlock Help

An ignition interlock is the most effective tool for combating alcohol impaired driving. At Ignition Interlock Help, we will help you locate an authorized ignition interlock service provider with outstanding customer service in your area.

Vehicles are an integral part of the economic and social needs of families; essential for meeting daily commitments and responsibilities to work, school and family.

Interlocks allow individuals with drinking and driving issues to drive safely and legally. Whether you are proactively looking to install an ignition interlock, or required to get an interlock by a court or local authority to regain driving privileges; Ignition Interlock Help connects you with convenient, experienced ignition interlock providers.

What is an Ignition Interlock device?

An ignition interlock is a breath analyzer installed into a vehicle to prevent a person from starting the engine after consuming alcohol. If your breath alcohol content (BAC) is over the authorized limit, the vehicle will not start.

An interlock provides DUI/DWI offenders with a legal way to drive allowing them to continue to be licensed and insured as well as able to work and support their families. This monitoring tool helps prevent repeat behavior and provide public safety.

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