Getting pulled over for drinking and driving is a very nerve-wracking event in your life. Once the dust settles you are left to figure out how you will afford all of the fees, fines and expenses that need to be covered because of an impaired driving charge and/or conviction.

One of the expenses you will need to cover is the cost of the installation and maintenance of an ignition interlock device.

There are two primary elements that drive the monthly price of your device:
Ignition Interlock Service

  1. There are different types of devices that each state will require. Some states may require the use of a device which comes with a camera, while others may require one with a GPS.
  2. Some states regulate the pricing of interlock devices and those prices cannot be changed.

In states that don’t regulate fees, we offer highly competitive pricing. Because there are so many variables for pricing, call us for your specific price quote.

We promise to offer you the lowest price possible including any offers that may be applicable to you, such as free installation and discounted monitoring fees.

Call us toll-free at 888-958-8140 for more information and your free price quote.