Alcohol in Other Products

When we think of drinking alcohol, we often think of beer, wine, and hard liquors. These beverages are designed for human consumption and contain ethanol, a type of alcohol that has a drug-like effect on our systems. The other types of alcohol are methanol and isopropyl and they are not designed for ingestion. In fact, imbibing methanol and isopropyl alcohols can lead to serious ailments and death.

cough syrup alcohol duiHowever, beer, wine, and liquor are not the only items that contain ethanol alcohol. There is a rather large list of ethanol alcohol in other consumables and sometimes, people drink those consumables instead of drinking regular alcohol. The reason this occurs may vary. Sometimes, people cannot afford beer or other alcoholic beverages, so they turn to other consumables, instead. Sometimes, people are struggling with a drinking problem and turn to other products that contain ethanol. This can be a dangerous choice for many reasons, and can still result in DUI convictions and penalties, including the installation of an ignition interlock device.

Consumables containing alcohol include cough syrup, mouthwash, cologne, extracts, and denatured alcohol. These products may have an alcohol content of up to 97% and contain a variety of ingredients that are dangerous to drink.  While cough syrups and extracts are actually intended for internal use, they are meant to be consumed in small and limited doses.  When people misuse them by drinking them for recreational purposes, they increase their likelihood for organ failure and hospitalization.

It is widely understood that drinking large amounts of ethanol alcohol in any form can be dangerous if done on a regular basis. Alcoholism is one of the leading causes of premature death and preventable disease in the United States.  When people look for alcohol in other consumables to meet their alcohol desires, the body is seriously impacted. Misuse of those consumables can lead to alcohol poisoning, stroke, and heart failure.  People who imbibe these substances regularly may also find themselves subject to hemorrhaging, ulcers, and depression due to the other, toxic ingredients.

When using products as they are intended to be used, we don’t have much to fear of alcohol in other consumables. The alcohol in mouthwash and other consumables is there to maintain the integrity of the product as well as possible germ-killing properties.  However, when the consumables are used in ways that are not intended by the manufacturers, a variety of responses may occur.  Our bodies are not designed to deal with continual onslaughts of alcohol, regardless of the source. When we use consumables in the manner for which they are intended, they will enhance our lives instead of harming them.

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