How to Become a NASCAR Driver in Michigan

ignition interlockThe Michigan International Speedway is best known as NASCAR’s fastest track, with competitors from around the world joining in the fun of racing these high-powered vehicles in hopes of earning prizes, glory and acclaim from the throngs of NASCAR fans. NASCAR is more than a day at the track; for many, it is lifelong dream that requires skill, practice and money to attain. A NASCAR driver, whether in Michigan or across the country, is a driver who has the reflexes and determination of a master driver, and getting into NASCAR racing can be just as exhilarating as the races themselves.

Becoming a NASCAR driver does not necessarily require a “street driver’s license,” such as the license needed to drive on Michigan’s highways, interstates and roads. NASCAR has its own requirements for licensing its drivers, in fact, that includes a clean driving record from its applicants. As NASCAR is concerned with safety and the overall image of its drivers, anyone with significant driving violations, DUI/DWI convictions or an ignition interlock device requirement should probably be content with watching the races from the stands. In fact, NASCAR drivers can even be suspended from the circuit for driving violations off of the track, including speeding and drunk driving.

Becoming a NASCAR driver in Michigan is a crowning achievement for many. With the Michigan International Speedway and a constant stream of NASCAR events that inspire drivers, young and old, to test their own driving skills, the last worry a driver should have is an alcohol-related traffic violation. NASCAR is one of the biggest entertainment attractions in Michigan, bringing drivers and fans together for hours of heart-stopping entertainment. Risking that excitement, for any NASCAR driver, by choosing to drive while intoxicated can easily become a never-ending pit stop, where the fans stop cheering and the consequences are lifelong.

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