Car Care, Safe Driving and the Holidays

bigstock-Winter-driving-16441250The holidays are upon us and with that, come the seasonal changes that affect so many aspects of our lives. Driving is not only a regular part of our days, but, is such an important part of retaining bonds with family and friends who we are not able to see on a regular basis. Keeping a car in top shape is important throughout the year, but, the holiday season may require a little extra effort to allow those long-distance connections to thrive.

Since the holiday season is not only about road trips to Grandmas or shuffling through snow and cold wind, the toll taken on a car just while shopping for gifts can have an effect. Always be sure that your car has been looked over by a professional before the temperatures drop too low, including an oil change and having any fluids topped off or air filters changed.

Tires and brakes are extremely important during the holidays and winter, even for those who may not get snow, but who see an increase in rain and other precipitation. Brakes should be checked on both the front and back for any issues. Tires should not only be inspected for wear, but, also rotated. In snowy climates, putting snow tires on a car can eliminate the danger posed by icy roads or slippery streets.

Another serious consideration for a vehicle and safety during the holiday season is the effect that alcohol can have on the driver. With the colder temperatures and cautionary traffic situations, driving after drinking increases the likelihood that an accident or injury could happen. Drinking causes problems with judgment, vision and reaction time, all of which are extremely important when driving in bad weather, not to mention throughout the year. By maintaining a sober stance before driving, there is no reason to have to worry about a DUI arrest, jail time, ignition interlock installation or any other consequences of driving while intoxicated.

Some of the most memorable times with family and friends occur through the winter holiday season. By keeping a vehicle in top shape and driving sober during these times, those memories are sure to continue to build, grow and become a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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