Colorado’s Ignition Interlock Non-compliance Consequences

ignition interlockIf you have an ignition interlock requirement after a DUI in Colorado, you’re probably not thrilled about your next driving experience. Blowing into the device before you start your car, and while you’re on the road to work probably isn’t on your list of favorite things to do… you may be embarrassed or frustrated at your conviction and at the device itself. But, here are plenty of reasons to make sure that you’re using your ignition interlock as directed by the court. Especially given the consequences if you don’t.

  • When you don’t install and maintain a court-ordered ignition interlock, you could face a total loss of driving privileges for a year. After that time, you may still have to fulfill the requirement, effectively prolonging the time it takes to recover after a DUI conviction.
  • Since the ignition interlock is there to prevent you from drinking and driving again, any attempts to drive your car while intoxicated are recorded and transmitted to the court. If you have three or more of these within a year, you could have your license suspended and/or face a longer ignition interlock requirement.
  • If you don’t have your device serviced according to the court schedule or you terminate your lease with your ignition interlock service provider early, you’ll be given a longer suspension of your license. You’ll also be required to complete the time with your ignition interlock device once your suspension period is over.

Colorado’s ignition interlock laws show a commitment to keeping the streets safe from repeat drunk drivers, but, when those laws are not followed, lives are put in danger and you could face even harsher consequences. Since the device gives you a chance to move beyond your conviction, your best bet is to remain compliant with its use and let everyone know you are now fully committed to remaining sober when driving.

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