Compliance is Easy: Florida Ignition Interlock Violations

florida ignition interlock complianceWe know that some Florida drivers have a difficult time staying sober behind the wheel. Even with a DUI conviction and a Florida ignition interlock requirement, not everyone learns their lesson. We still find those who believe they are not a risk on the road, even if they have already faced a DUI charge and have an ignition interlock requirement as a result. They’re the Florida DUI offenders who violate their ignition interlock requirement, and who have some even more strict penalties as a result.

Any violation of the Florida ignition interlock program will cause a DUI offender to lose their ignition interlock privilege for one year. Their license will be immediately suspended, and the interlock removed. Once the license is reinstated and an interlock is installed again, if another violation occurs, the offender will not be able to drive any vehicle, with or without an interlock, for five years.

Common ignition interlock program violations in Florida include:

  • Circumventing or tampering with the device (disconnecting it, for example).
  • Asking someone else to blow a breath sample into the device.
  • Driving a vehicle without an interlock installed.

For those who must operate a vehicle as a part of their job, an employer can sign an affidavit to confirm that they understand the ignition interlock requirement. The employer takes responsibility for their employee (the DUI offender) during the time they are at work and driving a company vehicle. An employer with an ignition interlock requirement, however, cannot claim the same employment exemption.

Violating the Florida ignition interlock policies and requirements only make life more frustrating after a DUI. The devices are available as a way for DUI offenders to regain control of their lives after a drunk driving conviction, not end up asking friends and family for rides. Staying sober behind the wheel should not be that difficult, nor is keeping up with the interlock promise you made when you first had the device installed.

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