Drunk Driving Risk: Don’t “Sleep it Off” in Your Car!

Asleep at the wheel“All good things must come to an end,” they say, and that may not be a more true statement than during “last call” at a bar. By the end of a night out on the town, we’re not only sleepy from just being awake all day, but we’ve also had the depressant effects of alcohol to contend with. We’re tired, we’re sluggish and perhaps a little drunk… and more than anything, we’re ready to go home.

The best way to get home, of course, is to call a taxi or a Sober Ride service, or have a designated driver ready to roll. Especially since you don’t have to worry about a drunk driving charge, ignition interlock installation or the financial impact of a drunk driving conviction. You get to “sleep it off” in the comfort of your own bed, not in a jail cell or worse.

Not everyone sees their choices the same way, especially when their car seems to be the perfect place to nap away the effects of alcohol and then just drive home once they sober up. But, since getting behind the wheel is a dangerous situation for a sober, yet tired person, adding alcohol only makes it worse; whether the car was turned on or if they’re just snoozing without the keys in the ignition. And, if fatigue and alcohol leads to a driver passing out in the middle of a major highway, the consequences are obvious.

Instead of risking a rude awakening and a possible drunk driving charge for “sleeping it off” after a night at a bar, go with your gut and call a taxi or make arrangements for  a designated driver. Your car shouldn’t be your biggest concern when you’ve been drinking, but your safety and that of others is vital. There’s no better place to “sleep it off” than at home, and the next morning, you’ll be glad to have the chance to face another day of freedom.

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