DUI and the “Cinderella” License

cinderella license restricted

Cinderella is a popular princess fairy tale. It’s a story about a girl who works tirelessly for her evil stepmother and stepsisters, but on her one night of freedom, is required to return home before the clock strikes twelve. With all the work Cinderella does and the horrible treatment she receives from her stepfamily, you might expect her to become bitter. But, she doesn’t. Part of Cinderella’s charm is that she remains sweet and optimistic no matter what befalls her in life.

If you are convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), you might find yourself feeling just as sweet and optimistic if you are able to acquire a Cinderella license. Normally, a DUI conviction is cause for either a suspension or revocation of driving privileges. However, some people are able to get a provisional or hardship license that allows them to drive to work, school, a treatment program, or medical appointments during specific hours of the day. These provisional licenses are referred to as Cinderella licenses because the driver is never allowed to drive past midnight. Some states also require ignition interlock devices for drivers using these hardship licenses.

In some places, Cinderella licenses are still controversial while others have already adopted them. There are stipulations that an applicant must meet in order to qualify for the license and it is only available by special request. In order to begin the process for obtaining a Cinderella license, the driver must obtain a DUI attorney. Legal representation is required because you will need to prove your circumstances and need. Simply having a job you want to keep is not enough of a reason to be granted a Cinderella license.

Not only is issuance of a Cinderella license discretionary, but you may have to wait a certain amount of time after your conviction to request one. Different states run their programs differently and that is another reason to employ a DUI attorney. The attorney will know the specifics of the law in your state, thereby making it more likely that your request for a Cinderella license will be granted. You will need to provide certain paperwork — usually proof of employment and work hours from your employer, proof of enrollment and attendance at an educational program, maps showing your travel route, and proof that public transportation cannot get you where you need to go. You can only use a Cinderella license for twelve (12) hours each day, and may have to obtain a SR-22, as well.

Drinking and driving is certainly not regal behavior, but you are fortunate if you are granted a Cinderella license. Having your license suspended or revoked can make clear just how dependent you are upon your vehicle. Driving definitely makes life easier, but it is important to remember that it is a privilege, not a right. Take good care of this privilege and you may find that all of your dreams come true.

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