I Failed my BAIID Test. What Happens Now?

I failed my BAIID test!When you have a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID,) you have a responsibility to maintain your sobriety if you will be driving. But that does not mean you should panic if you fail your BAIID test, especially if you know you have not been drinking. Your BAIID is an effective way to measure the alcohol in your breath sample, of course, but that test requires a reliable device and your understanding of what could possibly set off a test failure.

Consider the following “failure” scenarios before you give up on driving and all of the great progress you’ve made after your BAIID was installed:

  • You’re late for work and quickly tested your breath with your BAIID, resulting in a test failure. Perhaps you did not give your mouthwash or medication enough time to dissipate from your mouth before submitting your breath sample. Your BAIID will prompt you for another test shortly, so, breathe easy and get ready to prove you are sober.
  • The fruit salad you had at lunch has caused a “false positive” due to slight fermentation. It is not common, but, it does happen. Take a moment to rinse out your mouth if you’ve eaten fruit, or anything “yeasty” (breads, pizza, etc.) that could have triggered the BAIID test failure.
  • You had a lot to drink the night before, and you still are not okay to drive. Most of us are surprised that even after “sleeping it off,” we can still have alcohol in our system. It may not be enough alcohol to elicit another DUI or drunk driving conviction at the .08 percent BAC limit, but, it could be enough to cause a BAIID test failure. In this scenario, you are better off finding a different way to get to your destination.

No matter the reason, any failed BAIID test will be recorded and your reporting authority will see what you have been up to. As long as you understand the reasons for your failed test, and take the right steps to correct the error, you should still be compliant with your requirement and able to keep making great progress on your road to recovery.


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