Ignition Interlock Device (IID) Eligibity in Maryland

IID eligibility in Maryland is easy, but it is still easier to stay sober when drivingFacing the aftermath of a DUI or DWI in Maryland is overwhelming at best, with all of the legal problems and the restrictions placed on your license by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). If you’re ready to do your part to get beyond your drunk driving charge and/or conviction, you probably already know about the state’s ignition interlock device (IID) program. Hopefully, you’re ready to take that step and see if you fit the criteria for IID eligibility in Maryland. The device is the key to regaining your freedom to drive, and by being eligible, you get to keep your life as normal as possible while proving your sobriety with each start of your engine.

Maryland IID eligibility is pretty easy to secure. You will be notified if you are allowed to install an interlock by either the Maryland District Court, the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) or the Medical Advisory Board. Your Maryland IID eligibility can be affected if you don’t own or co-own a vehicle, have access to a vehicle for an IID installation or if you just don’t plan to drive while your license is suspended or revoked. Typically, none of that is seen as true “eligibility” factors, but are more of a waiver from the court based upon your personal circumstances.

After you are notified of your Maryland IID eligibility, you just have to get your IID installed by a state-approved ignition interlock device service provider and provide proof to the court that you’re on the road to recovery, with your IID, of course. After that, as long as you remain sober when driving, and return to your IID service provider for your maintenance appointments, you should have a smooth road ahead. Maryland makes it easy to keep your life together after a DUI or DWI, all it takes is an interlock and your determination to never drink and drive again.

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