That Ignition Interlock is a Life Saver!

Ignition interlock life saverTechnology is a beautiful thing. It keeps us organized, it keeps us in communication with our friends, family and loved ones. We rely on technology at work, at home and when we’re out with friends. We also rely on technology to keep drunk drivers off the streets… and that’s where those life saver ignition interlock devices really shine in the technology world.

Ignition interlock devices are life savers for everyone on the road. They eliminate the possibility of a person who was convicted of driving under the influence to repeat the same crime. That means that there’s less chance of an accident that leads to property damage, personal injury or death. So others who are driving on the road, passengers with a drunk driver and the driver are all protected from the destructive effects of alcohol.

Ignition interlock devices are life savers for convicted drunk drivers, too. Most of the time, an interlock is ordered after a first-time drunk driving offense and that person not only has to use the device, but, they’ve already sworn to never drink and drive again, anyway. However, for habitual drunk drivers, ignition interlocks are life savers because they help teach new, healthy habits with alcohol and driving. They change the way a person drinks if they know they have to drive, and they stop a person who doesn’t know their level of intoxication from getting on the road.

Technology has so many benefits in our lives, but one stands out among all the rest: the ability to save lives. There are few people who plan to get behind the wheel when intoxicated, and fewer of those actually believe they’ll get caught. With an ignition interlock, those risks that are taken by people don’t take safe driving seriously are eliminated with just one breath of air. That’s technology that we can all rely on.

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