Ignition Interlock Removal: What to Expect

ignition interlock removalWhether you were required to use an ignition interlock device for six months or six years, eventually, you will be allowed to remove the device. Most people celebrate that day, looking forward to regaining their freedom by marking off the days on a calendar. With hard lessons learned about drinking and driving and the consequences of a bad choice, the taste of freedom after forming an ignition interlock habit can be a little unusual. In fact, it could be that you even miss your ignition interlock, in a sense.

You’re not crazy, you just learned how to drive safely, and that’s ok.

After an ignition interlock removal, it is common to experience the following:

  • Confusion over why there are no beeps and tones that indicate you need to blow into the device.
  • Automatic reflex to grab your ignition interlock device, only to discover it is no longer attached to your car.
  • Feeling like you need to keep an eye on traffic more closely, in case you are prompted for a “rolling re-test” while driving.
  • Wondering what to do during the time you regularly visited your ignition interlock service provider for calibration and maintenance appointments.
  • Refusal to drink any alcohol if you know you will be driving.

When you have served out the length of your ignition interlock requirement and the device is removed, your sense of relief and appreciation for regaining your freedom can be overwhelming… in a good way. For most people, the lessons taught by their ignition interlock device are unforgettable – not only has it become a habit to remain sober when driving, but, the entire experience of a drunk driving conviction and the IID requirement are things that must never be repeated.

Nobody wants an ignition interlock, but, it is clear that the devices are saving lives on a short-term basis while creating new, healthy habits in the long run. Once it is removed, you can look forward to being a better person who knows how to choose a safe way home.

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