Ignition Interlock Violations in California: What to Expect

ignition interlockIn the state of California, a person who is convicted of a drunk driving charge may be ordered to install an ignition interlock device (IID) as the terms of a DUI sentence. Since IIDs are vital in reducing the number of repeat drunk driving incidents, there are strict penalties for any ignition interlock violations in California. These penalties not only apply to the convicted DUI offender, but, can also affect the lives of any person who helps an offender circumvent, tamper with or otherwise eschew the guidelines of the IID installation.

Ignition interlock violations in California include:

  • Operating a vehicle that is not equipped with an ignition interlock device.
  • Tampering with, removing or bypassing an ignition interlock device.
  • Failure to disclose an ignition interlock requirement to any person who rents, leases or loans a vehicle to the DUI offender.
  • Asking another person to provide a breath sample for the IID testing procedure, or start the vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock device

Additionally, a person without a DUI conviction or IID requirement can be held accountable for:

  • Renting, leasing or lending a vehicle that is not equipped with an IID to a person who is known to require an ignition interlock device installation on any vehicles driven.
  • Providing a breath sample for a convicted DUI offender with an ignition interlock device requirement.

When an ignition interlock device is ordered as part of a DUI conviction, the failure to follow the court directive will result in harsher consequences. Greater court fines, the further restriction of driving privileges and/or jail time can all be additional penalties for the convicted DUI offender, as well as for any person that knowingly assists with the ignition interlock violations in California.


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