Should I Let My Kid Use My Ignition Interlock?

Your kid should never use your ignition interlock for youParenting is hard, and even on the best days, we can all make mistakes. For a parent who has a drunk driving conviction and an ignition interlock requirement, you are not only taking responsibility for your mistake with the court or DMV, but, also with your child. For most, that conviction and interlock are enough to make big life changes, especially when you realize your kid is watching you and taking notes for their driving future. For other parents, however, a DUI and an interlock are just another obstacle to get around, and that can quickly lead into DUI child endangerment charges, especially if you let your kid use your interlock for you.

Letting your child, or insisting they use your ignition interlock device for you gives a true indication of your commitment to sober driving. On top of being intoxicated, you are allowing your child to break the law for you, to bend the rules and to put their own life in danger. Parenting may be difficult, but, an ignition interlock requirement is one area where the decision-making should be easy.

The only reason you should ever let your child use your ignition interlock device is if they are legally able to drive your car. Teenage drivers can understand the mistake that led to an interlock, and they can use the device just like you do when they are driving your car.

In any other situation, there is no reason or excuse to let a kid use your ignition interlock device. The device is there to ensure the sobriety of the person who is driving the vehicle, and when you allow your child to blow into the device so that you can drink and drive, again, it only proves that you are a danger to others on the road, to yourself, and to the kid you have sworn to love and protect, forever.

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