Tough Louisiana DWI Laws Need More Enforcement

louisiana dwi lawsLouisiana DWI laws are some of the strictest laws for DWI offenders in the country, but, many feel the state does not do enough to enforce the current regulations, and perhaps the state should look at first-time DWI offenders, as well. An editorial on indicates that while a repeat DWI offender in Louisiana could potentially face the seizure of his or her home or vehicle after three DWI convictions, that sentence is rarely handed down to the offender. Louisiana DWI laws are considerably tough, but, without the enforcement by the court, many residents continue to drive drunk. Adding to the problem of Louisiana DWI law enforcement is an inability to communicate between parishes, and perhaps the presence of “drive through” alcohol establishments that enable drunk driving. Read more here: Louisiana should drink stiffer DWI law enforcements

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