For the Love of Sober Driving

bigstock-Summer-Drive-22791800Valentine’s Day is one of the most inspirational holidays of the year, celebrating love, romance and all things “hearts and flowers.” This special time is usually taken as a reason for more people to celebrate intimate connections together, and those dinners and dates often end up with a nice bottle of wine or champagne on the table.

As with any cause for celebration, including alcohol can enhance the moment, but, only if the same precautions are met when it comes to drinking and driving. Since the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) for DUI or DWI across the country has been set at .08%, it is best to keep in mind just how many glasses of wine or champagne or even cocktails may be consumed in order to maintain sobriety. This number of drinks is exceptionally important when it comes to a person who is driving home after the Valentine’s Day celebration.

Men can typically consume a little bit more alcohol than women, due to physiological factors, weight, muscle vs. fat ratio, and more. Other factors that come into play are whether a person is on any medications, how much food has also been consumed, the person’s metabolism, and even the mixer used in a drink. Carbonation and diet mixers can actually increase the effects of alcohol, so that glass of champagne can pack a more powerful punch, so to speak, than a simple glass of wine. In order to maintain safe limits with alcohol, it is best to remember that on average, humans can metabolize one standard drink per hour.

Of course, the best gift is to remain sober and be a designated driver for the ones you love.  No amount of chocolate candies and bouquets of roses can ever replace a person whose life has been affected by a drunk driver. On Valentine’s Day, keep those special, romantic moments a priority by keeping your loved ones safe from those who would choose to drive drunk.

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