New Hampshire Ignition Interlock Law May Expand

new hampshire ignition interlockWith 21 states now requiring ignition interlock penalties for first-time offenders, the rest of the U.S. continues to toughen its drunk driving laws, particularly where the installation of an ignition interlock device is offered for all offenders. According to, New Hampshire ignition interlock law is being evaluated by the state’s congress in order to toughen the stance on drunk driving in the state. New Hampshire ignition interlock law could soon allow offenders to petition the court for a restricted driver’s license and installation of a high-tech ignition interlock device. If this bill passes, New Hampshire ignition interlock installations would be an option for all offenders who still need to maintain employment or other personal obligations while keeping the choice to drive drunk out of their hands. Read more here: MADD supports HB 496 DWI first offenders could obtain a limited driver’s license

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