No Diversion for First-Time Virginia DUI Offenders

VASAP no Virginia DUI diversionVirginia is one of the toughest states on DUIs. It doesn’t have a pre-trial diversion program that applies to DUI convictions. However, once convicted, you are court ordered to attend VASAP (Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program). Some people believe that VASAP is just a ten-week alcohol education course, but that is only one aspect of ASAP probation. Other measures may be ordered by the court, including supervision monitoring, ignition interlock monitoring, substance abuse treatment, and anything else the court deems necessary to your rehabilitation.

VASAP is a condition of almost every DUI conviction in Virginia. There have been a few exceptions but rarely for a first-time offender. The purpose of this program is to not only provide education but also treatment for any underlying issues in the hopes that this will discourage any future offenses.

If your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) is not elevated, you will most likely be put on the educational VASAP course track. This track is mostly just a series of classes without any excess monitoring or treatment programs. However, if you’re a repeat offender of your BAC is elevated as a first-time offender you will most likely have many more impositions in your life.

Another action you can take in Virginia to help yourself in the wake of a DUI conviction is to attend a voluntary driver improvement course. If you participate in a Virginia DMV-approved driver improvement program, then five points will be restored to your driving record. This helps to mitigate the six points that a DUI conviction puts on your license.

Obviously, your best course of action is to never get behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated. DUI convictions are no laughing matter, and the state of Virginia will make sure you understand the seriousness of your crime. There’s no leniency for a first-time offender, they will impress upon you what the consequences will be for any future bad behavior and encourage you to avoid these situations in the future.

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