Oops! I Missed My New York Ignition Interlock Test!

I missed my interlock test in New YorkWe all lead busy lives and there’s no counting the number of tasks on our list that we somehow forget in the hurry of the day. When you have an ignition interlock on your vehicle, however, the last thing you want to do is miss a test, and in New York, missing that ignition interlock test can be a serious matter.

Most “missed” ignition interlock tests happen when the DWI offender is already driving, during the rolling re-tests. You could be busy navigating the traffic of an urban, crowded New York city, or on the interstate without an exit to pull over in time to take the test. In either of these cases, missing just one test prompt will not be held against you, and you will have another prompt shortly after the one you missed. However, if you continue to miss your New York ignition interlock test, your actions can be seen as trying to not submit a breath sample. You could be drinking and driving, despite your ignition interlock… and New York will want answers.

If missing your ignition interlock test becomes an actual violation, you will have an even harder road ahead. New York has some of the strictest ignition interlock requirements in the U.S., and any violations could result in an extension of your interlock requirement, complete suspension of your driver’s license, further DWI charges or even jail time.

Avoiding an “oops” with your ignition interlock comes down to your ability to submit a breath sample in a short amount of time after missing a test. Any other missed tests will only get you deeper into the depths of a DWI and the consequences for drinking and driving. No matter how busy you are, just remember that you’re never too busy to prove your sobriety when driving.

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