OVI Law in Ohio Urges First-Time Offender Ignition Interlocks

ohio ignition interlockOhio is one of many states with proposed legislation to reduce and eliminate repeat drunk driving offenses, specifically asking for a first-time offender ignition interlocks requirement. Akron Legal News reports that Ohio’s current laws do not target repeat offenders, and by requiring first-time offender ignition interlocks, those who have been convicted of a drunk driving charge will not have the ability to repeat the same mistake twice. Drunk driving laws that require first-time offender ignition interlocks are supported by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and countless other activist and government agencies. With the proposed legislation in Ohio, a reduction in repeat drunk driving offenses in the state will likely reflect the national statistic of 67% reduction in repeat offenses. Read more here: First-time OVI offenders would have to use breathalyzer ignition under plan

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