What is the Real Cost of Colorado DUI

The cost of a Colorado DUI is more than financialThere are plenty of costs that come with a DUI in Colorado, even if nobody was harmed during the incident. That financial burden is on the books in order to make people think twice about driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Nobody wants to use their hard-earned paycheck to settle court costs or retain an attorney, and that instant mountain of debt is usually enough reason to pay the much more reasonable cost of a taxi after a night of drinking. But, beyond the financial cost of a Colorado DUI, there’s the cost on the lives affected by a drunk driver.

A DUI in Colorado costs more than money; there is a personal impact on the offender and their family, and any victims of the drunk driving incident, including:

  • Relationship strain. There can be a certain level of trust that is lost when a loved one drinks and drives. Families may worry about repeat incidents, have concerns over alcohol abuse issues, or even fear for their own safety.
  • Loss of freedom. Whether the offender is put in jail or has to use an ignition interlock, life after a DUI is much more restrictive.
  • Reputation damage. At work or in the community, a DUI offender can find themselves fighting to regain a positive image after the offense occurs.
  • Physical injuries, property damage, death. Drinking and driving is dangerous and can take lives in an instant, or change them forever.
  • Regret and depression. After realizing the impact of a DU, there’s a mental and emotional price that may never go away.

The cost of a DUI in Colorado is much more than the financial obligation to the court, ignition interlock requirement and higher insurance rates. Drunk driving is never a victimless crime, it is a dangerous behavior that isn’t worth risking over a better, safer way home. The real cost of a DUI in Colorado is how it changes lives, and that those lives will  never be the same again.

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