It’s Smart to Put a Breathalyzer in Your Car

The smart choice is to install a car breathalyzerWhen you take a chance and start driving while intoxicated, you’re putting your life and the lives of others at risk. That’s not very smart, and nobody appreciates your lack of judgment. But, even if you had such a lapse of judgment, you can make smarter choices after you’ve faced the DUI music: you can install a car breathalyzer or ignition interlock device.

It’s smart to put a car breathalyzer in your car because it shows that you regret your mistake and are doing your part to make it right. Your friends, family and loved ones will see that you understand the depth of your actions, and they’ll be proud that you’ve taken the smart steps to correct your error.

In the eyes of the court, the smart choice is to install a car breathalyzer. It lets you keep driving so that you can stay employed, go to school and make it to all of your other necessary appointments. You’re also showing the court that you understand how drinking and driving is dangerous, and that you’re serious about never driving down that road again.

In states with administrative penalties, your DMV sees your car breathalyzer as smart, too. That way, they know that when they hand your license back to you, you’re not going to repeat your mistake, making them look pretty smart for that car breathalyzer requirement, too.

A car breathalyzer is a smart, win-win alternative for suspending or revoking your license from all perspectives. Nobody looks forward to the opportunity to “blow and go” to get on the road, but, after a drunk driving conviction, the smartest choice is the one that shows you are serious about making positive and meaningful changes in your life. Good job, smarty, and thank you for doing your part to keep the roads safe.

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