Talking Turkey: Cousin Todd’s Thanksgiving Drunk Driving Debacle

Cousin Todd says no drunk driving this ThanksgivingThanksgiving should be a happy, family-oriented occasion with food, football, and fun. But if you’re driving to Grandma’s house, shopping the sales or running back to the grocery store for the umpteenth time, you could be in the path of a drunk driver or at risk for drunk driving yourself. The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is the most dangerous for drunk driving. This year, we can all take drunk driving off the menu.

Cousin Todd was once in your shoes, with plenty of reasons to drink away the family fun.

Families can be a huge source of anxiety, leading to drinking more than we planned. Then we have to get home, or just get out, and we don’t want anyone to know that we are not safe to drive.  Asking for a ride home would just make all of that family-related stress and anxiety worse.That’s how Cousin Todd got a DUI one year. The family brings it up every Thanksgiving.

When you know you will be drinking, even on Thanksgiving, you should already have a way home that doesn’t involve getting behind the wheel yourself. You can always call a friend or a cab, or find another reliable and safe way to get back home. Risking a drunk driving offense, ignition interlock requirement, or the lives of others is certainly not worth it.

Just like Cousin Todd, sometimes our judgment is cloudy before we even take our first sip of wine. Stressful times can lead to disastrous decisions with many of those decisions related directly to alcohol. Don’t let family and holiday stress drive you down a dangerous and expensive path. Law enforcement is ready to make sure you understand that your choice was dangerous, and that is always the least of the real worries when you’re drinking and driving. Stay sober, stay safe, and enjoy the time you have.

Don’t be like Cousin Todd. Have a plan to get home, and be safe this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving!

(P.S. we apologize to all of the Cousin Todds out there, and wish them all a super happy Thanksgiving, too!)

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