I Think My Ignition Interlock is Broken!

Is my ignition interlock broken?Nothing last forever, and even though we know that our favorite devices have a limited lifespan, it still hurts when they finally glitch out and are no longer usable. This situation can be exceptionally difficult when you have an ignition interlock, especially if you suspect your device is not working properly and you are already late to work or another important appointment. Or, really, anytime. After all, the interlock is your ticket back to freedom – of course you want it to work!

The good news is that if you think your ignition interlock is broken, you have several options. First, check to make sure you’re using it correctly. Sometimes, the breath sample you submit just is not strong enough and you will have the chance to try again in a few minutes.  If that does not work, or you are getting an error despite knowing you are sober, your next step is to call your ignition interlock service provider. They will be able to walk you through any troubleshooting you may need to solve any problems with your interlock.

If your ignition interlock will not turn on, you should call your service provider immediately. Since an ignition interlock will record any attempts to circumvent the device (like, disabling it), you do not want to be held in violation of your interlock requirement by your state.

No device is perfect, and while the federally-regulated ignition interlock utilizes some of the best technology today, a round of bad tests could indicate a problem with the device itself. If you suspect your ignition interlock may be having isssues, do not try to fix it yourself. Be sure to call your ignition interlock service provider and explain the problems you are experiencing. After that, it should not be hard to get back on the road, with an ignition interlock that is doing its job right: keeping the streets sober and giving you back your hard-earned life.

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