Top Driving Violations

There are many driving violations that our beloved law enforcement officers are on the lookout for in order to keep our streets as safe as possible. Police have the responsibility of staying on top of violations that may be a sign of a larger problem at work. Not only do we want traffic to move as smoothly and safely as possible, but we also want to make sure pedestrians are protected. With that in mind, here are some of the top driving violations we should be mindful of as we make our way through the world.

1. Running Red Lights/Ignoring Stop Signs. This is pretty typical, as far as driving violations go, but also one of the most dangerous. Running a red light not only puts other drivers at risk, it also risks the health and safety of pedestrians. Traffic lights are generally at intersections that have been proven dangerous enough to warrant them, so it is important that drivers remain alert. In certain parts of the country, it is common to witness people ignoring stop signs. Often, drivers take the signs as more of a suggestion than an imperative; however, stop signs have also been placed with safety in mind. A stop sign does not read “slow down” for an important reason. Always stop for stop signs rather than slowing down and rolling through the intersection.

2. Speeding. Most drivers get a speeding ticket eventually. With car manufacturers making vehicles out of lighter materials and designing them to be more aerodynamic, it is easy to find you are driving over the speed limit. This driving violation can be avoided if drivers stay mindful while driving. Although you may feel as if 40 miles per hour is slow, outside of a motor vehicle that is an extremely dangerous speed. If you ever want to know what various speeds feel like, ride a bike on the road with motor vehicles. It will give you a new appreciation for how fast cars and trucks travel.

3. Driving Under the Influence. DUIs are a huge driving violation and are easily avoidable. When drinking alcohol, always make sure you have a way home that does not include driving. In fact, never take your vehicle to your destination when you plan on drinking alcohol while you are out. And, be careful not to sit in your parked vehicle drinking, or sleeping off a DUI either. It is possible to get a DUI from drinking in your vehicle, regardless of whether the vehicle is in motion.

Whether driving while distracted, or ignoring the basic rules of the road, it is everyone’s responsibility to drive safely. While many traffic violations can involve traffic tickets or a license suspension, the more dangerous or habitual offenses will result in jail time, fines and more. The cost of driving safely versus the lives it can save is an investment in the future of everyone.

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