Will an Ignition Interlock Device Damage Your Car?

ignition interlock damageYou made a mistake after having “one too many” with friends, and now face the consequence of installing an ignition interlock device (IID) on your vehicle to ensure you keep from drinking and driving in the future. Of course, you are remorseful about driving while intoxicated, but you can’t help wonder about the ignition interlock being installed on your car. You have to trust a stranger, your ignition interlock service provider, and not your regular mechanic to install the device on your car. You’ve probably spent thousands of dollars on that vehicle, too. What if something goes wrong? Will the IID cause any damage to your car?

No, your ignition interlock device will not damage your car.

  • Ignition interlock devices are designed to cause no damage to any vehicle when properly installed by trained professionals.
  • The device will not stop you from operating your car, unless you are intoxicated.
  • Professional IID service providers are trained and certified in the installation of the device, ensuring your safety and that your vehicle will continue to operate as normal, even after the device is removed.
  • During maintenance and calibration appointments, your service provider will check to make sure everything is working properly and that the device has not been tampered with, assuring you the device is not harming your car on a regular basis.

Having to use an IID is not always convenient, but you don’t have to worry about it damaging your vehicle. As the result of a drunk driving conviction, an ignition interlock device allows you to keep driving your car as normal, and any service provider will understand your fears about damage to your vehicle. With proper installation and maintenance by professionals, you can keep your mind on drinking responsibly and getting your life back, without worrying about any damage to your car.

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