The 3 Reasons You Fear Your Ignition Interlock Device (and Why You Shouldn’t)

Don't fear your ignition interlockIt has been said that there is nothing to fear except fear itself. That’s true, yet people are scared of the strangest things… like ignition interlock devices. Considering these devices were developed in order to keep drunk drivers from risky behavior, they shouldn’t be scary. We get that nobody wants an ignition interlock, but being afraid of it is taking things a bit too far.

The three biggest causes of ignition interlock fear are:

  • They take away rights. Yes, an ignition interlock device removes your ability to drink and drive. That was never a right. In fact, driving isn’t even a right – it is a privilege; one that is restored after most DUI convictions once you install an ignition interlock device.
  • They’re expensive. Granted, unless your state has financial assistance available, you will have to pay for your interlock. The good news is that most people find that it costs less than the happy hour drinks they’re no longer spending money on, and it keeps them on the move – and employed.
  • They’re embarrassing. Yes, we get that, and we apologize for any embarrassment you may experience. Keep in mind that as each state adopts stricter ignition interlock requirements, more people are using the devices. You’re in good company, we promise, and most people who care about you will be proud that you’re doing the right thing after a DUI.

Ignition interlocks don’t harm anyone and they keep others from risking another dangerous DUI. Even a fear of ignition interlock failure is easily avoided, just by using the device as you were instructed.

Of course, if you are really scared of an ignition interlock device, you have the power to make sure it never becomes part of your life. All you have to do is remain sober while driving, have a safe way to get home… or just stay put and drink.

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