A New Texas DWI Ignition Interlock Law Has Arrived!

Texas DWI law includes new ignition interlock incentiveA drunk driving conviction or a Texas DWI can be a big problem, especially when you’re looking for a job, you’re up for a promotion, or you’re trying to find housing in the Lone Star State. Texas gets it, As long as you opt for an ignition interlock device, you could have your Texas DWI dismissed.

Last year Texas DWI law expanded ignition interlock law so that all offenders could have access to the devices. That does not mean all offenders were jumping at the chance to install an interlock on their cars. Many convicted drunk drivers will decline an ignition interlock, preferring to drive illegally on a suspended or revoked license. To make matters worse, many of those drunk drivers will drive illegally, while intoxicated, repeating their crime and increasing dangers on the road.

MADD gives props for the new Texas DWI law that encourages ignition interlock use across the state.

With a new law that was just passed, ignition interlock devices become a lot easier to accept after a Texas DWI conviction. HB 3016 targets first-time drunk drivers with a .08 to .14 percent blood alcohol concentration (BAC). If they use an ignition interlock device for six months without any violations and complete other terms of their Texas DWI sentence, they can a non-disclosure. Non-disclosure essentially wipes the conviction from the offender’s record, as if the crime never occurred.

There are plenty of reasons for us to stay sober when driving, especially when it means we can avoid the entire ordeal surrounding a drunk driving conviction. However, if a night of bad judgment occurs and you can qualify for a Texas DWI non-disclosure, it is in your best interest to opt for the ignition interlock device. Once you have fulfilled your requirement, you can move on with your life as if there never was a problem in the first place.

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