What is “Administrative License Revocation” ALR in Missouri?

drunk drivingThere are plenty of reasons that a person who has been drinking isn’t the most trustworthy source of good judgment. Anyone under the influence of alcohol can make mistakes, whether an errant text to a former love or the choice to get behind the wheel of a car. However, it is only the latter that can cause injury or physical harm, property damage or even death, and despite a person’s best intentions to drive safely, there are serious consequences for making that decision.

Missouri is one of 42 states that not only has criminal penalties for anyone who drives while intoxicated (DWI), but, you also get to face the Missouri Department of Revenue before you’re even convicted of a DWI. When you are stopped under the suspicion of a DWI, the Missouri Department of Revenue authorizes the police to suspend or revoke your license immediately. This “Administrative License Revocation” or ALR is not only in addition to any criminal charges you will face, but, it is entirely separate, as well. So, even if you are not convicted of a DWI in criminal court, you may still have to contend with the ALR side of a DWI.

If your license was suspended or revoked because of ALR in Missouri, you can challenge the action in an administrative court. From there, if you are found guilty, your license will be suspended by the Missouri Department of Revenue until you are eligible to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. Otherwise, you must serve your full ALR sentence, plus any criminal consequences from a judicial DWI conviction.

No matter how you look at it, driving while intoxicated is never the smartest choice. As more states adopt ALR procedures, less people will be able to fight the reality that any bad choice made after drinking will only result in a loss of freedom. The best judgment is to always remain sober when driving or to have a safe way home when there is alcohol present.


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