Affording the Price of an Ignition Interlock

The price you pay for an ignition interlock may be less than you think.After a DUI or drunk driving conviction, the fines, court costs and bills just don’t seem to stop piling up. It is estimated that when you drink and drive, you’re looking at a “$10,000 ride,” once all the numbers are in. That’s a lot of money for anyone to hand over, making an ignition interlock device seem like an optional cost. But, without an ignition interlock, your options are pretty limited when it comes to getting to and from the places you need to be, like your job, court or DUI education classes. That’s where it takes a little understanding of the true price of an ignition interlock, and how it can benefit you financially after a DUI.

The ignition interlock price you pay doesn’t add up to more than a few dollars a day. You can think of the ignition interlock price as a tradeoff for the happy hour beers that got you into trouble in the first place. When you pay for your interlock, you’re giving yourself the freedom and ability to earn your paycheck and reduce the hassle and cost of public transportation. Also, with an ignition interlock, the cost of asking friends and family for rides is eliminated, and that’s one less frustration to contend with after a DUI.

If you’re debating whether you can afford an ignition interlock, check with an ignition interlock service provider for a breakdown of the costs involved. Contact your state to see if there are any programs for low-income DUI offenders. Most people find the devices are affordable and a reliable way to move past a DUI conviction, and you may be surprised to find out that without the device, you are on the hook for a lot more time and money wasted than without it.

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