Are New York Ignition Interlock Waivers Taking Away from Overall Consequences?

New York ignition interlockAfter a DWI conviction, the installation of an ignition interlock device may be ordered, depending on each state’s laws regarding drinking and driving, and many states offer waivers or programs for offenders who may not be able to afford the installation or maintenance. However, according to WHEC Rochester, New York ignition interlock waivers for low-income offenders may be reducing the overall impact of these devices. New York ignition interlock law allows for financial waivers, seemingly reducing the financial burden on offenders who may struggle with the cost. There is a concern, however, that these waivers are too easy to obtain in court and are taking away from the full impact of the DWI conviction and consequences.  This New York ignition interlock law waiver policy calls into question the behavior of an offender who may have the financial ability to purchase alcohol, yet, cannot fulfill the entire sentencing guidelines after being convicted of DWI. Read more here: New York State Exposed: Ignition interlock devices

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