Your BAIID and a Positive BAC Reading

Got a positive BAC reading on your BAIID?When you have a BAIID (breath alcohol ignition interlock device), your number one job is to always remain sober when driving. The BAIID is your ticket to moving beyond a drunk driving conviction, and your best tool to prove how serious you are about responsible driving. Like most others with a BAIID, you are adamant about your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) readings, too, and the worst thing you can think of is a positive BAC reading when you test. Unfortunately, even if you have not had a sip of wine or a shot of tequila, your BAIID can have a positive BAC reading, and understanding why and what to do after that reading is an important part of your commitment to sober driving.

A positive BAC reading on your BAIID is usually due to three factors:

  • You have been drinking alcohol. In this case, you need to find a different way to get yourself to your next destination, and prepare for further consequences from the court and/or your DMV.
  • You recently used medications or mouthwashes that contain alcohol. This is the easiest scenario, as you just need to wait a few minutes for that alcohol to dissipate and you can test again. Once your BAC has resolved, you are ready to get back on the road!
  • Your device needs to be serviced. Sometimes, a device needs a little extra care to ensure it is working properly. From weather conditions to general use, your periodic maintenance appointments are vital to ensuring accurate readings that keep you in the clear, and on your road to recovery.

If you blow a positive BAC with your BAIID and you have been drinking, you could be looking at strict penalties that include removal from the program, or even jail time (in some cases). At the very least, a positive BAC sample will lock down your ignition during a start-up test, or, cause your vehicle to go into alert mode if you are already driving. In any case, a positive BAC reading is a strong message from your BAIID that something is preventing you from a “sober” ride home. Once you pinpoint where the error has occurred, you can make the right moves to ensure your next test is clean, and proof of your commitment to responsible driving.

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