Binge Drinking is Not an Irish Blessing

lucky number st pats


Saint Patrick’s Day is here, and the “luck of the Irish” is on everyone’s minds as we celebrate a holiday that promotes excessive drinking.  But before you have another green beer it’s important to consider the people who take the celebration a little too far: the binge drinkers.

Binge drinking can have some serious consequences including drug violations, accidents, injury, and even death. People who participate in binge drinking are exponentially more likely to be charged with a DUI, 14 times more likely, in fact.  Every year there are senseless deaths attributed to binge drinking, and drinking and driving. This St. Patrick’s Day weekend, know your limit. Everyone knows that drinking with friends can be a  fun way to celebrate Irish heritage (whether real or imagined) on Saint Patrick’s Day, but drinking responsibly can ensure that the night does not turn into an “unlucky” experience you’ll regret.

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