Can I Deduct My Ignition Interlock on my Taxes?

ignition interlockTax season 2015 has come and gone, and with it, plenty of questions about whether there was more that could be done to reduce the taxes we pay each year. Tax deductions come in many forms; children and dependents are deductible, as are business-related expenses, especially when it comes to your vehicle. Of course, if you have an ignition interlock requirement, you’re probably curious about whether you can deduct the device on your taxes. After all, when you qualify for a mileage deduction for your business or as part of your job, it could be possible that all other vehicle-related expenses can be ticked off your tax burden, right?

No, not exactly. In fact, unless you have a “bona fide” business-related reason to have an ignition interlock device, such as a demonstration for sales or maybe you “blow and go” for public awareness, it is probably not deductible on your taxes. An ignition interlock is not an asset or an expense for most businesses, it is a consequence for a personal choice to drink and drive. Even though you may need to use it in order to maintain your employment, the interlock is not considered necessary to operate any vehicle under normal circumstances.

An ignition interlock is many things; a trusted tool in your rehabilitation and a compromise that keeps you driving after a drunk driving conviction. We cannot say it is a way to ease your tax burden, even if you rely on your vehicle to run your own business or need to drive during the course of your workday. Maintaining your sobriety and fulfilling your obligation is the fastest way to get the device “deducted” from your vehicle, and move beyond the “taxing” period on your life after your drunk driving conviction.

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