Can I Install an Ignition Interlock in My Financed or Leased Car?

Ignition interlock in a financed or leased carOnce you’ve been through the entire experience of a DUI, you’re probably pretty ready to get on with your life. You’ve been to court, maybe even had an administrative license revocation (ALR) from your DMV that has kept you waiting for rides from friends or meeting new people at the bus stop. Finally, you’ve got your act together, with an ignition interlock, and you’re heading into the future. Then, what’s that, a new car? You’re really moving on after your DUI!

An ignition interlock device can be installed in a newly financed or leased car.

Not a lot of people think about their car when they’re facing a judge for a DUI. Or they don’t mention it. But once you have the interlock requirement, you can still live your life normally. In fact, that’s pretty much the point. Like everyone else, you can trade in your car and purchase a new one, whether financed or cash, without worry. You just have to remember to have your interlock uninstalled and then reinstalled on the new vehicle before you drive it.

Also, you need to remember that you cannot test drive a vehicle without an interlock installed. That would be a violation of your requirement and you could face stricter penalties.

If you are leasing (not renting) a car, you should check with your leasing company to ensure that you have everything you need to install the ignition interlock. There shouldn’t be any problems, but you are always better off speaking to them directly and informing them of the situation. Also, an ignition interlock requirement is never grounds for a denial of your financing, but it will likely have an effect on your insurance rates.

Living a normal life is part of the reason ignition interlock devices are great solutions after a DUI. That includes the freedom to drive yourself to where you need to be, and trade up your vehicle for a new one, as long as you do so under the restrictions of your interlock requirement.

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