How Can You Keep Driving After a First-time DUI in Missouri?  An Ignition Interlock.

ignition interlockThere is a first time for everything, and unfortunately, that can mean the first time you take a chance and drive under the influence of alcohol, you could be looking at a criminal record. In states like Missouri, a first-time DUI is a misdemeanor charge, with consequences that the court system hopes will send a strong message about your future as a habitual drunk driver. However, the court also takes into account that it is your first time for a DUI, and that you need to keep driving in order to keep your job and life moving forward.

For those reasons, there are two options that will allow you to keep driving after a first-time DUI in Missouri, both of which require you install an ignition interlock device on any vehicles you own or operate.

  • 90-Day Immediate Restricted Driving Privileges (RDP): As soon as you receive a notice that your license will be suspended due to your first-time DUI, you can apply for an immediate RDP license. You will have to submit proof of your ignition interlock installation and an SR-22 insurance form to the state to be eligible. If granted, you may serve the entire 90-day suspension period with your RDP and continue driving as normal.
  • 60-Day Restricted Driving Privileges (RDP): This requires that you serve 30 of the 90-day suspension period before you can legally drive with the RDP and ignition interlock device for the remaining 60 days of the sentence. You will have to submit proof of your ignition interlock installation and an SR-22 insurance form.

If you follow the guidelines of the court when driving with your RDP, the time you devote to your ignition interlock device will pass quickly and you’ll still be able to drive as you would normally. A first-time DUI is a serious matter, and the commitment you show to the court by remaining sober behind the wheel during your suspension is important for the safety of others on the road, as well as for your own peace of mind.

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