Can a Stay-at-Home Parent in Wisconsin Still Drive after an OWI?

child endangermentThe reason that ignition interlock devices are a preferred consequence for many people with an OWI conviction usually comes down to the ability to get to and from work. With an OWI, driving privileges can be suspended, making it harder to find reliable transportation, which can result in the loss of a job. For students and stay-at-home parents, the “job factor” isn’t a priority, but, there are still obligations that must be fulfilled, despite not getting a paycheck for those activities. If you are a stay-at-home parent or a student in Wisconsin, can you qualify for an ignition interlock?

Yes, because you can also get an occupational license, even if you aren’t paid for the work you do as a student or stay-at-home parent.

Occupational licenses are granted to OWI offenders in Wisconsin for employment purposes, and those same rights extend to stay-at-home parents (and students), as well. As a stay-at-home parent, or a homemaker, it is assumed that you will need to drive in order to fulfill the functions of that job. Earning a paycheck isn’t the only value a person has, and in order to keep any person productive, it is important to keep the ability to drive intact.

Just like with any other person who is convicted of OWI in Wisconsin, there are aggravating circumstances that could affect your ability to obtain an occupational license or ignition interlock device. For instance, a stay-at-home parent with OWI conviction that also involved a child could be denied the ability to obtain an occupational license.

Since ignition interlock devices continue to keep the streets safe from drunk drivers, there are plenty of reasons to offer them to any convicted OWI offender. In reducing the chances of further OWI problems, there is also the benefit of maintaining employment, or a household, with the hope that by resuming as many normal activities as possible, there will be even more reasons to make responsible choices before driving.

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