Can I “Wait Out” My Wisconsin Ignition Interlock Device Requirement?

ignition interlockSince Wisconsin has some of the least restrictive drunk driving laws in the country, it isn’t too hard to believe that some people feel they don’t have to comply with the guidelines of their drunk driving conviction. Wisconsin, like many states, does not take any OWI conviction violations lightly, and even the least bit of trying to get around your requirements can backfire. For instance, in Wisconsin, there is no way you can just “wait out” your ignition interlock requirement; once you are required to install an ignition interlock device, you better get it done.

“Waiting out” an ignition interlock device (IID) requirement means that you are purposefully not installing the device, hoping enough time will pass and excuse you from the process. However, by choosing to wait out your Wisconsin IID requirement, you could be prosecuted for non-compliance and possibly suspected of driving without the interlock. Since the ignition interlock device assures the court that you are not intoxicated behind the wheel of a car – any car – you should work to establish that trust in order to regain your freedom as swiftly as possible. That means installing your ignition interlock device, using it correctly, and showing up for all service appointments.

If you are serving time in jail for your OWI conviction, you may still have an ignition interlock requirement that starts once you are released; there is no credit for the time you spent in jail. Even if you do not have a car and must wait to install the device, the IID clock doesn’t start until the device is installed, even years after your conviction.

Ignition interlock devices are not optional. They are not devices to circumvent or tamper with, or to wait to use. The effectiveness of the devices is proven, and more lives are saved each day when court guidelines are followed. Don’t try to wait out your ignition interlock requirement – your freedom to drive safely rests solely in your hands.

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