Causes of an Ignition Interlock Lockout

ignition interlock lockoutSince you rely on your ignition interlock device (IID) to allow you the freedom and convenience of driving, an ignition interlock lockout can really ruin your day. There can be several reasons for a lockout, including not understanding how the device operates or what the different lights may be telling you. Not all lockouts require a service call, but, you should be aware of your own role in getting yourself back on the road so that you can complete the IID requirements of your drunk driving conviction.

  1. Failed Ignition Interlock Test. These happen for two reasons, typically: you have been consuming alcohol and your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) tested positive over the pre-determined limit (usually around .02), or, you may have just used mouthwash or another product that contained enough alcohol to affect your breath sample. In either case, your device will reset after a few hours and you can try again.
  2. Device Tampering. If you or anyone else attempts to tamper with, or circumvent the device, it may go into a lockout mode. Since the devices also collect information about tampering, your IID service provider can give you more information about any tampering or circumvention of the device.
  3. Missed Service Appointment. You are required to have your device serviced and calibrated according to a schedule that will also report your test data to the court or DMV. If you miss this appointment, your device will go into lockout mode and you will need to call your ignition interlock service provider for further instruction.
  4. Other Reasons. If the lockout was not caused by the listed reasons, contact your ignition interlock service provider immediately if you suspect the device itself is causing your lockout.

No matter what, an ignition interlock lockout is a big cause for concern. These devices are your ticket to freedom and understanding what makes them work, or what could cause a interlock lockout, will keep your ability to drive in your hands.

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