Your Colorado Ignition Interlock Violations Count!

Colorado Ignition Interlock violations countHaving an ignition interlock device is both a solution and a responsibility after a Colorado DUI. Your interlock keeps you driving, so that your life can go on with as few interruptions as possible. It also makes sure you are sober behind the wheel, ensuring the streets are safe and that you are serious about never drinking and driving, again. Now that you have your post-DUI solution, you should be aware of the responsibility you hold… and the violations ahead if you don’t take that responsibility seriously.

  • With an ignition interlock requirement in Colorado, you cannot and should not ever drive a car that does not have an interlock installed. If you do, that violation will cause you to lose your ability to drive for at least one year.
  • Trying to circumvent your Colorado ignition interlock device will cost you a year of driving, as well, and there is not hiding your attempt: the device will record any information that indicates tampering or circumvention.
  • You must report to your Colorado ignition interlock service provider as scheduled (usually, every 60 days). If you do not, you are in violation and your license will be suspended until you are back in compliance, whether that means showing up for an appointment or renewing the lease on your device.
  • If your ignition interlock records three or more attempts within a year to drive under the influence of alcohol, your license could be suspended or you could face an extension of your time requirement.

Since you are showing your responsible side by using your ignition interlock device, attending your service appointments and never drinking and driving, you are in a much better place to recover from your Colorado DUI. That is the best “driver’s seat” to be in, one that is full of dedication and motivation to move beyond your past choices and into a future that is full of freedom and safe decisions.

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